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Many homeowners are unsure of what should go in which bin due to frequent changes to what may and cannot be put in specific household garbage receptacles. 
By 2024, it's expected that every household in the UK will have seven wheeled trash cans, therefore it's imperative to be clear about what belongs and doesn't belong in the general rubbish bin. 
When a householder is unsure about whether an item is recyclable or not, they usually dump it in this waste container, however this attitude needs to change for the benefit of the environment. 

What colour bin is general waste? 

The colour of the common rubbish bin may be the first question on your mind. Although there are regional variations, black is the most popular colour for general rubbish bins. 
The other common colours are blue, purple and green. 

What you can't dispose of in a general waste bin. 

TextThe 'do nots' will come first because they are perhaps more crucial. 
Any rubbish that doesn't fit in the other containers should go in the black/general waste bin. 
Currently, every family has a unique collection of bins that vary depending on location, making it difficult to be precise. 
We can offer some examples, though. 
An item goes in your general garbage bin if it doesn't go in your mixed recycling bin, garden bin, or food waste bin. 
In the same way, if you have something that doesn't belong in your glass, paper or yard waste bins. 
Additionally, you shouldn't put anything toxic, bulky, or heavy in your regular household trash can. 
In conclusion, the following items should typically not be disposed of in your normal waste bin: 
o Recyclables (plastics if they can go in your recycling bin, paper, cardboard, aluminium, glass) 
o Garden waste (such as soil and large branches) 
o Food waste 
o Bricks/rubble 
o Gas bottles 
o Hazardous waste (such as batteries, paint, needles and syringes, low-energy lightbulbs, fluorescent lightbulbs, asbestos) 
o Electrical waste (anything with a plug) 
o Liquids 
o Textiles 
o Commercial waste 
Your local council reserves the right to refuse to empty your black bin if it contains any of the aforementioned items. 

What you can put in your general waste bin 

TextWhat should you put in a black bin now that we've discussed what you shouldn't put in your general rubbish bin? 
General waste’ refers to: 
o Dirty nappies 
o Used sanitary products 
o Carrier bags 
o Cat litter and bagged dog mess 
o Pet bedding 
o Plastic types that your local council can’t recycle 
o Kitchen towel, tissues, and napkins 
o Cigarette butts (once fully extinguished) 
o Cotton wool and buds 
o Full vacuum cleaner bags or the contents of your vacuum cleaner 
o Non-recyclable food packaging 
o Heavily soiled pizza boxes 
o Light bulbs 
o Broken household glassware such as Pyrex dishes and mirrors 
o Food waste where a separate food waste bin isn’t supplied 
Contact your local government before disposing of any waste you are unsure of; disposing of recyclables in the general waste bin will prevent them from being recycled, which is bad for the environment, and disposing of non-recyclables in the general waste bin could ruin entire batches of recyclables. 
If you have bigger clearances you require help with call us now on 01438 215 018 to get a quote. 
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