Easter recycling
Recycle Now and Love Food Hate Waste, two climate action NGOs affiliated with WRAP, have developed some excellent advice to help you waste as little as possible this Easter with just a few days until the holiday. 
We want to make sure we help you waste as little as possible if you're planned on indulging in your favourite foods and spending this time with family and loved ones. To do this, recycle as much as you can and avoid wasting food. 
Both campaigns have published tips to make sure you have a splendid Easter, that is also very kind to our planet. Details can be found: 
Top tips include: 
Easter egg foil: Most Easter eggs' foil packaging CAN be recycled. Just gather all of the leftover foil (including that from smaller eggs) into a loose ball and place it in your regular recycling bin for collection. When you scrunch it, if it pops back open, it is laminated and should be thrown in the regular trash. 
Packaging for Easter eggs: Easter eggs with less packing are significantly better for the environment, and fortunately, there are a lot more options available now. The majority of the packaging, including cardboard boxes and perhaps some plastic trays that must be flattened to save room, can be thrown in your curb side collections. 
Flowers: If your flowers have passed their prime, you can throw them in the trash with the rest of your yard waste or put them on your home compost, if you have one. You can utilise them about your house after drying them if you're feeling inventive. 
f your Easter sweets came wrapped in cellophane, they may not be recyclable at the curb; however, you may check the Recycling Finder to see if your council accepts it. In the UK, over 6,000 supermarkets now accept plastic bags and wrapping, which you may bring there for recycling. Any wrapping paper can be recycled at your curb side as long as it isn't made of foil or glitter and passes the "scrunch test." 
Food waste: During the course of a year, roughly 6.6 million tonnes of food are wasted in the UK. Hence, if you're organising a lavish Easter feast, don't forget about your freezer! Using your freezer gives you extra time to consume it and prevents it from going to waste by acting as a pause button. In addition to maintaining quality and flavour and locking in freshness, it is completely safe when properly defrosted. It's a fantastic technique to give yourself some extra time and store delectable food for later because your food won't go bad in the freezer and the majority of bacteria can't grow there. 
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